Homesick for Heaven

Two weeks ago I was home sick from school with a nasty cold. (An unfortunate reality of being surrounded by students who are coughing and sneezing…) Physically, I felt terrible and my cold only seemed to get worse. I was also feeling discouraged and frustrated about school and the fact that I felt I was not reaching a few of my students both academically and emotionally. As I was checking my school email from home, I discovered a message entitled…”An Old Student.” I quickly opened it and to my surprise it was from a student from my very first class.  Here was the first few lines….

“Dear Mr. Fiore, It has been seven years since we last spoke. I still remember you after all these years as ultimately my FAVORITE teacher. You have had a major impact on my life that I continue to live by. You helped me through my years as a child, and I am pleased to say I am doing very well…”

Immediately, my mood shifted from one of discouragement to one of hope and encouragement. I knew it was God once again reminding me through one of my students that He cares and that He is always there. I believe it is no coincidence that this email came at exactly the right time.  I soon discovered that I was “Homesick for Heaven” and God delivered the exact medicine I needed. It still did take me a few more days before I felt physically better, but my spirit was immediately cured of discouragement and disappointment.
LIFE LESSON: At times we are so focused on the physical that we can miss His promise…“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5
I’m so grateful God proved His love for us by sending the ultimate cure for all our sicknesses, discouragement and disappointment – JESUS!

4 thoughts on “Homesick for Heaven

  1. Beautiful! That must be so nice to get a note like that 🙂 It seems that spending two days in one week with the kids at school proved too much for my immune system and I ended up with a cold too 😦

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