Dear God,Welcome Back to School

Dear God, Welcome Back to School is not only the title of a book written by a public school teacher friend of mine, but it also has been my prayer this week as school has once again begun here in South Florida.  I have been praying for God’s daily guidance and trusting His plan and purpose with my new teaching assignment. Once again, He has faithfully started answering my prayer and gave me a clue as to the purpose…

On the first day of school I gave each student a letter I typed introducing myself. Their assignment was to write a friendly letter back to me introducing themselves and telling me about their summer. This year I’m teaching 5th grade instead of 3rd grade. I was amazed how quickly the students began their letters. Most of them already knew the friendly letter format!  I told them that my homework was going to be to read each of their letters. As the day progressed, I found the change to 5th grade so refreshing. I was anxious all summer over the change since I didn’t know what to expect. The students were more independent and more capable of following directions for the most part.  

As the day ended, one of the students asked if he could take his letter home so he could finish it. He had not written very much. He seemed to have a difficult time getting started. I told him that would be okay. The next day he enthusiastically came into class early to give me his completed letter. As I read it I was impressed by the details he used and the great word choice, but what struck me the most was the last sentence…. “I prayed to God for the right teacher for me.” It touched my heart to know his prayer was for guidance and direction just like mine. I believe it was a gentle confirmation that I’m exactly where I need to be this year. I’m encouraged and excited to learn how God will use my students to teach me. I’m grateful for this first clue…

“Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He will direct your path.”  Proverbs 3: 5-6

LIFE LESSON: We may not fully understand God’s plan or purpose during times of change but if we faithfully seek Him and trust Him, we will eventually see some clues. Jesus is the biggest clue of God’s ultimate plan of redemption for all who trust Him.